Down in Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon is located in the state of Utah, USA and you will find the largest collection of Hoodos in the world. We went down the Bryce Canyon to see everything from the bottom.

It’s a great national park both for walking or just looking. You feel very humble about the wonders of nature and this is one of them.


Hoodos are made of limestone and have been shaped over millennial of years influence of wind and weather. Hoodos have different colours from dark red to pink to white. The colours depend on the amount of iron content in the rocks.

Hoodoos i Bryce Canyon, Utah

Hoodoos i Bryce Canyon, Utah

Wall Street

Wall Street is a very narrow and deep gorge where there are some giant trees, and you wonder how they survive. They actually grow into (and up in) the sky.

Wall street i Bryce Canyon

Wall Street i Bryce Canyon, UtakBefore we started the trip down there we took on good hiking boots as it is a very steep descent and there are loose stones. The hike up is also challenging so it is important with water, powerbars and the like.

Bryve advarsel











Various trails

In Bryce there are many trails in stunning surroundings. It’s incredibly well organized so it’s not easy to get lost.

Nedstigning til Wall Street i Bryce Canyon, Utak

The descent to Wall Steet

View from the “Peek-a-Boo” trail

Hoodoos i Bryce Canyon, Utah

Back on the rim

Hoodoos i Bryce Canyon, Utah

Text © Inga Marie Kirkegaard Jensen – Fotos © Frank Bach

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