Kitsch and chaos in Rome

Christmas Decorations in Italian

Juletræ fra Rom

RensdyrIt came out of the small decorations in the apartment we live in, here in Trastevere. The mantelpice decorationen has clearly been embellished with a small plastic Christmas tree with a plastic elf men and plastic angels. Romans like recycling and just dust off the decorations when a new festival starts.
Just like the restaurant below our window, that has a plastic reindeer made in imitated  ice with Christmas lights.

What about real Christmas trees?

They can be found, but only to a limited extent. The small tree placed on Piazza Navona could not be seen, as it was hidden by the decoration. Then there is more style on the one on a square by the Corso, where the wood is natural and the decoration is sparse.

Juletræ på Corsonen i Rom
Fendi udsmykningA little more life can be found on the facade at Fendi. In addition to a pretty original facade decoration they also have designed a suitable Christmas tree. It is probably the most original decor we’ve seen in Rome this year.







Blue Christmas

Blue Christmas in Rome

Blue Christmas in RomeOther shops go “all in” with their ornaments. If the facade is blue, then you just find some blue decor. If it should be really wild, we can also find some synthetic feathers that can spice up a bit in the narrow streets.




A nativity scene

We should have a nativity scene too. In every church is a small doll that personify the little child Jesus. He is often surrounded by his mother and stepfather, and various shepherds and animals.

The tradition has been adapted by the stores, so no more shortage of imagination – or bad style. Watch for example this beautiful tableau with the dear family made of strings of lights, apart from the baby Jesus, that is a real doll.Julekrybbe


The culinary delights

We must have food. The Italians do not have the same traditions with fatty foods for Christmas, as in northern countries. Here the food should just must be good, as it always should be. No turkey, no Christmas mulled wine too. However, things are fine. For example, watch this modest, edible Christmas tree that probably could give anyone a pain in the stomach.



Actually food is even better at New Year. Watch the last photo from a shop with the most essential food for New Year’s Eve:

White truffles
Goose liver

Bon appetite!

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