Life in Rome

Piazza Navona

Around New Year a lot of people are on the streets in Rome. It is not just the Vatican, which is filled to capacity, but all streets and squares. It is the local promenading, so tourists disappear in the crowd. On the Piazza Navona there are, amongst the usual more or less swindlers who sell a lot of bric-a-brac, also half a funfair, a Christmas manger scene where school bands entertain and a lovely balloon seller.

Piazza Navona

Colosseum has its own Christmas tree

This is probably the biggest mismatch in history. In front of the historic building is a Christmas tree. What place it has in the history og Colosseum unknown, but it is certain that many Christians have lost their life inside the magnificent building. This time they were halfway with the restoration, so now we just hope that we do not get an earthquake.

Colosseum med juletræ

A little bit of historic imperialism

The Arch of Titus is the finest and smallest of the three triumphal arches in the Forum Romanum. It includes the story of how the Romans stole Ark of the Covenant from the people living in Palestine. Beautiful and worth to use some time on. We were there on January 2 with sunshine and 15°C.


Another relic from the past?

It may well be so that you should not talk on the phone while driving in Italy. They do not, however take it seriuosly. A cigarette and a mobile phone and then half a finger on the steering wheel – then you are ready to drive. You get used to it. But why they have phone booths on the streets is a mystery? There are still many of them, but just they are not used, except for those making grafitti.


No blog without laundry

Of course, there must be “a laundry in the street” photo. Just found out that I have already photographed the spot below several times before. Oddly enough, this time we live just around the corner. The laundry is certainly not the same – it is be replaced every day.

Vasketøj i Trastevere

Doll Murders

And the business with doll parts was still there. Doll heads and bodies in a showcase in the most unpleasant manner. Not far from Piazza Popolo.

Dukker i vinduet

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